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Sept 1, 2015

IMS launches business center with analytics and reporting capabilities for UBI

Waterloo, ON--Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS), a leading connected car company, released its Business Center with a powerful suite of program analytics and reporting tools made possible through a technology integration partnership with Pentaho, a leading data integration and business analytics company.

IMS' innovative Business Center solves a core challenge for many insurers launching UBI – a method to track and monitor the essential metrics that are indicative of program success. The addition of program analytics to IMS' leading usage-based insurance solution enables auto insurers to monitor program growth, identify end user behaviors that require action and understand the essential program health trends that lead to successful usage-based insurance programs.

"IMS is already recognized as a leader in the usage-based insurance industry based on our tried and tested expertise in end-to-end solutions and the versatility of the DriveSync platform," said Christopher Dell, Senior Director, Product Development and Management. "By embedding analytics and reporting capabilities into the DriveSync platform, IMS continues to redefine what the industry should expect in a comprehensive end-to-end UBI solution, while further demonstrating our focused commitment to client success."

"We are pleased to partner with IMS to deeply integrate our embeddable analytics technology into the DriveSync platform, guiding insurer decisions at the point of impact," said Donna Prlich, Vice President, Product Marketing and Solutions, Pentaho. "Given our aligned vision around the Internet of Things (IoT), we also welcome IMS to the Pentaho Strategic Advisory Board to share their expertise in telematics and connected car solutions to help drive further innovation with Pentaho in emerging IoT sectors."

IMS' new Business Center introduces auto insurers to the following UBI program management and reporting capabilities:

  • Rich responsive dashboards, programs diagnostics and data visualizations that help customers manage key performance metrics associated with program health and growth.
  • Flexible enrollment capabilities, integrated device tracking tools and comprehensive logistics monitoring to help ease program administration and management.
  • Fully integrated customer support tools and capabilities providing customer support teams with a one-stop shop for customer support issue investigation and management.





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