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September 23, 2013

CFLA names Paul Zalesky as Member of the Year 2012-2013

HALIFAX--At its 40th Anniversary conference, CFLA Chairman Jeffery Hartley announced that Paul Zalesky,CEO of AllWest Insurance Services, as the CFLA Member of the Year 2012-2013.

This Award recognizes individuals, volunteers from members, who work quietly for the Association, committed to its goals.

“These volunteers are wonderful examples of those who are pleased to give back to their industry,” said the CFLA Chairman. “Their generous efforts are a significant contribution to their Association, to its members and to the industry as a whole.”

“This morning,” Jeff Hartley continued, “I concluded my report to CFLA members by thanking our many volunteers. As I said, there are over 150 talented people who serve on CFLA committees and working groups. From the most senior executives to industry newcomers, the contribution of so many members volunteering their time and ideas in support of their industry ensures that the Association makes a difference.”

“This is a big country. While we have a full-time staff that carries much of the load, it is the work and contribution of volunteers that ensures your Association can make a difference. To be successful in every province and territory, we need support from volunteers, their local contacts, knowledge and advice.”

“British Columbia is a long way from Toronto in more ways than one and it is a critical market for CFLA members.”

“A few years ago, baliffs started serving auto lessors based in Ontario and Quebec with hundreds of parking tickets. The CFLA Chairman informed delegates that “the City of Vancouver was claiming tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid tickets incurred by lessees. The Vancouver by-law and the parking ticket process in BC held vehicle owners liable for unpaid fines. The bylaw did not hold lessees liable for the parking tickets.”

“How to solve this issue so costly for many members,” asked the CFLA Chairman. “As you might imagine, telephone calls and letters from our Toronto office would not be enough. There was no point going to court, we had to convince the City to change its by-law and the City and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia to change their systems.”

“Enter this year’s Member of the Year. CFLA received a lot of help many others both inside and outside BC, but one person was critical to our success, CFLA’s Member of the Year Paul Zalesky, CEO of AllWest Insurance Services of Vancouver.”

“Paul was uniquely placed. The province’s largest ICBC broker as well as the insurance adviser to many CFLA members. With Paul’s help and good advice, CFLA was successful in achieving both objectives - convincing the City to change its by-law and persuading the City and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia to change its systems. Now, Vancouver goes after lessees for their parking tickets.”

“We are now going into a consultation process in BC with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia as it reviews its insurance regime, and Paul is there for us.”

“Paul, for all this, your enthusiasm for your industry and your support of your Association, we thank you.”



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