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Find out more about the range of responsibilities and buying influences of our readers. There are ways to reach them through multiple channels.

Engage the CFOs, VPs Finance and other Senior Executive Management at the largest corporations and organizations in verticals such as Infrastructure, Logistics, Transportation, Mining, Agriculture, Fulfillment & Delivery, Fleet Management, Manufacturing, Major Retailers, FinTech leaders, and executives who manage asset-backed finance and leasing at major national bricks-and-mortar and digital companies in Canada.

Canadian Equipment Finance Magazine is the only publication that reaches the financial suite officers at companies which buy, lease, resell and operate major equipment across Canada and by Canadian firms around the world.

As part of the Total Finance Group, CEF maximizes your marketing investment by expanding your reach into Canada’s corner-suites. Your ad in Canadian Equipment Finance also appears in the top of a pyramid of more targeted publications in the financial segment of Canadian business. Not just financial firms, but financial leaders at  in every NAICS code, across the nation. At no added charge to you.

With an engaged circulation of 6,100 primary readers and another approximate 25,000 secondary readers through the family of magazines that includes Payments Business, Canadian Treasurer, and Canadian Equipment Finance, Total Finance draws upon an highly-desirable and unique audience of executives in corporate Canada and their subsidiaries who are responsible for creating, managing, supporting and fulfilling their firm’s economic chain of revenue, expense, capital, FinTech, reporting, investment and so much more, delivered to you through a range of media channels.

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Total Finance includes supplements and special reports which give you unparalleled  opportunities to reach a uniquely targeted audience. Your ad will be seen by senior executives who need to keep on top of the financial health of their firms.

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